19 Pull-ups!

I did 19 pull-ups in a row at the gym tonight!  As I was driving over I said to myself, “Hey, maybe I’ll do 20, wouldn’t that be cool!”  As I was warming up they felt pretty good, so I kept going.  I started slowing down as I hit the teens, and after 18 when my chin barely cleared the bar I had to hang for a moment to gear up for another one.  As I was pulling myself up for 19 I was thinking “Oh my god maybe I can get 20!!” and then after I made it up I dropped to the ground.  Everything gave out — my grip, my arms, my back, I was breathing heavily.

My PR jumped by two this time.  Previous record set on August 1, 2009: 17.

August 28, 2009. Tags: , . Words.

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