Hockey pajama pants

Hockey pajama pants

Here are the pants I made as a birthday gift a month ago.  He’s been wearing them frequently, even when we hit the record for 113 degrees last week, so I think he likes them.  They’re made of a very soft flannel.  I started with Simplicity 9871 although I didn’t follow the pattern very closely, which seemed to work out fine for something this basic.   I accidentally cut one of the pieces reversed, and sewed gigantic seam allowances when I realized the pants were huge around the hips and would come up to his ribcage.  (See how high they’re wearing them in the picture??)  Also, I don’t know how to use my machine’s buttonholer yet so I inserted the tie on the inside, and then used a piece of ribbon because I didn’t want to deal with making a matching fabric drawstring.  He’s confident and doesn’t feel threatened by the cream satin ribbon holding up his 9-year-old-boy pjs.

Pajama pants in the napping chairHockey print

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One Comment

  1. Sandy replied:

    9-year-old??????? YOU could be charged with Rape, and other heinous crimes!!!
    Please explain your glib comment. Seriously, following your sewing adventures has been absolutely delightful. You’ve saved money, developed a very usable skill, and connected with many like-minded seamstresses, among other things. Sandy

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