22 Pull-ups!

I did 22 kipping pull-ups in a row tonight at CrossFit.  Two nights ago I dreamed that I did 24 and I have a distinct memory of the motion I was using, they seemed so easy at the time.  When I got to the gym I decided to try out the dream technique to see if it made a difference in the waking world.  As I was heading over to the bar, one of the owners said he wanted to see a new female record for the gym.

“What’s the current record?” I asked.

“21,” the trainer replied.  “Let’s see it, I want a new record set right here, now, tonight!”

I slowed down after 16 or so, and had to stop for a moment at 20.  #21 barely counted, with my chin just at the bar, and then I finished off with a comparatively solid #22.  I think I haven’t maxed out my potential yet, it just might take awhile to get a new PR.  That’s a downfall of greatness, I guess…

Previous personal record: 19 on August 28, 2009.

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  1. Mom replied:

    I remember that 19 and now you’re celebrating 22? scary!
    I think today is Japan send-off day? so that will be what, a week with no gym? reminds me, I tend to skip on work days (altho did walk the 2 noodles for a mile) and need to go, altho am volunteering with 3d graders in the woods at River Bend Nature Center. At some point doesn’t more become less? But the dream idea worked?

  2. amy lee replied:

    impressive. i think i could do…2 if i’m lucky 🙂

  3. Shane replied:

    I can’t do 22 pullups!
    That said, I don’t know how to do a kip that does anything but waste energy, so I just do mine dead hang. I don’t know what my “I absolutely can’t do any more pullups” max is, but I think I could probably get 10 out at least.

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