Goodwill Finds and 2 Giveaways

Goodwill jumpsuits

I pressed Publish on a witty enjoyable post and something went wrong.  I don’t want to write it all again, so look at that picture of two polyester jumpsuits from Goodwill, still with their original new tags on them, and imagine a humorous conversation between me and a friend who disagreed with my decision to buy them for $3 each.

I entered two giveaways on blogs I regularly read.  First, Megan Nielsen is giving away a beautiful green dress she made — yes, an entire handmade shantung dress.  Second, Brown Paper Packages has a 100th Post commemoration giveaway of lots of flannel scraps, also very cool.  Sometimes I skip giveaways because the chances of winning can be small and the prizes are sometimes not up my alley — what would I do with a felted wool crochet owl knick-knack?  These are both things I would really like and oh boy oh boy do I hope I win.

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Lunch tote bag – now with more chickens

lunch bag - chickens

I made tote bag #3 using hideous leftover chicken flannel that was the backing for a quilt I made my mother using only fabric that had chickens on it.  The inside is a yellow stripe from a fall apron swap last year.  For perspective, I’m including a picture of it next to a half gallon of milk.  Two of these next to each other would just fit inside.  I filled the bag with random food from the fridge, it’s not stiff and wouldn’t stand up on its own.

lunch bag - chickens perspective

lunch bag - chickens inside

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Spooks Rattles Pots and Pans Swap Package

Halloween apron swap 09 package

The Halloween apron swap package that I put together included the apron, a tote bag made from my favorite Skullfinity fabric lined in orange, a set of Halloween fabric scrap cards, and a bag of candy corn.  I’ve gotta say, I was really proud of this package, I think it is my best yet, and the package I received in turn was also fantastic.  As for the apron, I recommend that it not be worn with four-year-old SpongeBob pajama pants and a tank top wet with spilled toothpaste.  (The picture was taken at 7 a.m. when the photographer generously agreed to wake up early to take a picture before mailing it off that day.)  For some great pictures displaying the items, check out the recipient’s blog post.

Halloween apron swap 09

Halloween cards

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Halloween apron swap package!

Halloween apron swap 2009

When I got home tonight I realized that I didn’t check the mail yesterday.  I went outside and found a box for me: my Halloween apron swap package had arrived!  I got the camera and opened it right away.  As I type this, I’m wearing my delightful new apron and black headband with black rose and feathers.  It also came with purple and orange jack-o-latern tote bag, perfect for bringing my lunch to work tomorrow; a small plate with the cutest bat saying “Screech” (in my right hand, it’s turned away from the camera); a beaker full of skull and bones candy; and a smaller felt Happy Halloween bag.  You can see more pictures of the apron at Gin’s blog.  I especially like how the ties are long enough to be wrapped around to the front, as I’m doing in the picture above, or tied in a big bow in back.

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Watercolor floral knee-length skirt

watercolor purple skirt - front

Here’s my first attempt at a new skirt pattern.  For some reason I started with a slick purple watercolor floral fabric rather than an easier (cheaper) basic cotton.  I screwed up the zipper and should add some kind of waistband or at least waist finishing, and I think it’s still wearable, perhaps for work as pictured.  I had to make it smaller once I had sewed it, because apparently my measurements don’t actually correspond to the size on the pattern that it says they should.  I also cut off six inches from the bottom for a better proportion.  As you can see from the difference in length between the front and the back, I failed to account for the shapeliness of my hindquarters and will need to adjust the hem in the front to make it even.  (Working on my posture could help too.)  My rear has certainly become curvier since I started CrossFit coming up on a year ago, in a way I do not find entirely unpleasant.

watercolor purple skirt - side

I turned scraps from the fabric into a set of cards.  I still have at least two yards of the material left, which I will turn into something awesome as I gain sewing skills.  While the gentleman of the house says it’s granny fabric — “Face it, you like old lady things just like this big flowery material.  Old lady, I say!” — I think it’s beautiful.  (“Old ladies can be beautiful, and like beautiful things!”)

watercolor purple cards

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New camera!

I’m buying my brother’s digital camera so now I have my very own camera of fairly recent vintage.  It comes with a charger and an extra battery, so I have no excuse for not posting pictures on a regular basis.  I started today by adding photos of my first lunch tote bag and some of the new fabric cards.  I also took pictures of the apron and a few other items in my swap package for Aunt Pitty Pat’s Spooks Rattles Pots and Pans Apron Swap, except I can’t post those until I know my partner has received them sometime in the next week.  (Being mailed tomorrow.)

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24 Pull-ups!

I did 24 kipping pull-ups in a row tonight, tying the women’s record at our CrossFit gym.  Several weeks ago I grabbed the crown by doing 22, and the next week another woman did 24.  I tried so hard tonight to get that 25th and I just couldn’t clear my chin over the bar on the last one.  I dropped to the ground, pleased that I tied the record and disappointed that I couldn’t pull off that last one to take it myself (ha, pull, pun!).

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Halloween Fabric Cards

Halloween cards

I spent several hours this afternoon making fabric scrap cards.  My original inspiration was from Crazy Mom Quilts who was in turn inspired by a book I have since purchased.  Something about the cards is so pleasing to me; this batch is mostly Halloweeny, and it’d be so easy to make them for any holiday or theme.  I made some earlier this summer in mostly greens and blues, and I expect to keep making more of many varieties, especially when I’m procrastinating like I was today.  I went into my sewing room with the thought to work for a couple hours on cleaning and organizing or cutting out fabric for the next baby quilt, so of course I made fabric scrap cards instead.  I did want to make a few for a swap package I’m mailing off tomorrow, and I did pick up a few pieces of material from the floor to turn into cards, so while the net effect was still towards mess I did get to feel a little bit productive.  And hey, it’s not even 8 pm, there’s still time.

Update: Ok, so now I have 6 more cards and the room isn’t any cleaner.  It’s only 8:30, there’s still time…

Update 2: Added a picture of some of the Halloween cards.

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Dog Week Continues

Approaching the end of Kalayna Week:

Did you meet Kalayna, whether 16 years ago as a puppy, recently in her old age, or somewhere in the middle?  I’d love to hear stories about what you remember.

Maybe 1994


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Reading and dog-sleeping

More Dog Week:Maybe 1997

11 years later, we were still reading and sleeping…


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