Kalayna: September 11, 1993 – October 5, 2009

Full name:
Kalayna Katrina Tenacia Allegra Microstrobe Doce Bitsy Little Black Dog.

Tiny black puppy

She was a present for my 12th birthday in sixth grade.  At my birthday party I opened a box to find a stuffed animal.  At first I was disappointed, because I didn’t really like stuffed animals as much anymore, I wasn’t into cutesy teddy bears or anything like some of my friends.  Then I was confused, because it was one of my own stuffed animals, apparently taken from my room and wrapped in a box.  It was wearing a new collar.  My mom said I should go out to the car, and I realized that the new collar was for a new dog, for me, in the car for some reason!  I raced out to the garage with my friends and found my little brother slouched in the passenger seat, holding the smallest black 7-week-old puppy.  She was a tiny tuxedo rat terrier, all black with white feet and chest, with a white tip on a tail that wagged impossibly fast.

New puppy!

It took me a week to decide on a name, and I ended up going with the first name I thought of, Kalayna (kuh-LAY-nuh).  Her full name includes many of other names I considered: Allegra because she was bright, quick, and cheerful; Micro because she was so small; Strobe because the white tip of her wagging tail looked like it was lit by a strobe light; Doce because she was a gift for my 12th birthday.  The Bitsy Little Black Dog just got tacked on at the end because it was fitting.

Time for sleeping

Not a lot changed in 16 years…

Asleep on floor 5-14-09

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  1. Mom replied:

    Well said. I like the sleeping photos. I had forgotten Mark came with us,because he was too young to leave alone.
    So today you wake up dogless. Do you feel her around you at all?
    Love, Mom

  2. bob caron replied:

    I’m glad the 2 of you had so many good years together. Celebrate them and be thankful. Peace be with you Bob

  3. Carol replied:

    Amy, I am so sorry. She was your close friend and companion. Her passing leaves a big hole in your life. We are sending good thoughts your way. Carol

  4. WIWTWT: Aug 23, New Dog Edition « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] almost a year since Kalayna died, I now have another dog.  She has spent the last 9 months as a foster dog with my mom, who just […]

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