Halloween Costume #4: Angel of Death

Holloween 2009 wings (and cup)
My fourth and final Halloween costume was a dark angel fallen from grace.  (Some people said, “Hey, the angel of Death!” and I didn’t disagree.  I didn’t have anything that specific in mind, maybe I was the angel of Death.)  I made the wings using wire coat hangers, a square of corrugated cardboard as anchor in the back, lots of black duct tape, a satin slip, elastic, and another black dress.  I bought something like five dresses & nighties from Goodwill on half-off Saturday and ended up using pieces from only two.  My original plan was for much larger majestic wings and I scrapped that idea when 1) structural integrity was lacking due to my unreliable engineering, and 2) I’d knock too many things over if they were any bigger.  As it was, I poked two people in the face when they were standing downhill from me and I turned without realizing how close they were.

I wore black boots, fishnets, and a black skirt, another Goodwill half-off refashion that I made smaller and shorter to fit me.  I asked the gentleman of the house if I needed to cut it any shorter or make it any tighter and he said, “No, no, that gives the idea, that’s plenty good.”  It was halfway to my knees and my friends commented on my modesty.  I think maybe he just didn’t want me wearing a super short skirt out to parties he wouldn’t be attending…

Halloween 2009 wings

P.S.  No, not pregnant, just caught unawares not sucking in my belly combined with poor posture and a few extra pounds these days.  I was going to Photoshop a flatter stomach and decided to just leave it, the unvarnished reality.

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  1. amy lee replied:

    this totally reminds me of our “Good Angel, Bad Angel” costume back in our Junior Year of High School. Wow! I’d love to find photos of that!

  2. Black Widow costume « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] quilt batting, and I added the hourglass to an old tank top.  The skirt is from last year’s dark angel costume, which had been shortened and made smaller from a large Goodwill skirt.  A friend lent me […]

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