Sharks vacation!

Sharks! Nov 11 2009

And I’m back!  I went to San Jose for a birthday vacation and two Sharks games.  We saw the Sharks beat the Penguins 5-0 on Saturday night, then a 4-3 winning game against Nashville on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we were walking around downtown Los Gatos, which is a pretty, upscale town of about 30,000 and happened to see some Sharks players.  We were behind two of them in line at a coffee shop and then passed a couple more outside a little while later.  After some debate, we decided that we would ask if we could take a picture, since we had flown in from Arizona just to see their game against Pittsburgh, and it was a group of younger players so maybe they weren’t tired of being hounded by fans yet.  They generously agreed to a picture, wrangled together by 3rd-year veteran Setoguchi on the left.  (And he’s still only 22, man I’m getting old.)

Earlier that day I had considered putting on make-up and generally making myself presentable.  “But then, why would I care about looking nice just to take a walk into town?” I said.  Why indeed…

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  1. Su replied:

    Lol… reminds me of the night I decided that I could run out to the grocery store in my pjs, only to bump into an ex. Ughh 🙂

  2. amylee replied:

    I think you look stunning in the photo – beautiful in fact! No makeup needed 🙂

  3. Dad replied:

    Wow! Photo opportunity with Sharks! You are one blessed woman. I recognize Setoguchi. Isn’t he currently out of action with a “lower body injury”? I am guessing that the other 3 might be Benn Ferriero, Scott Nichol, and Jamie McGinn.

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