Goats for breakfast?

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning the house and working on a few projects, including one that I started last night and finished this afternoon.  I’ll post about it at the end of the week.  In the meantime, here’s a picture I came across in one of my photo albums.  I’m around 6 years old.  And no, I don’t know exactly why there are goats on the breakfast table.

Goats For Breakfast

November 15, 2009. Tags: , . Pictures.


  1. Mom replied:

    We had just finished feeding Handsome Dancer (the pink one given us because he was dying, but we nursed him back) and I thought what the heck, just let him stay in for a moment. And Kolo Polo of course had to be there too. Maybe 1987 our second year on CO.

  2. --ginger. replied:

    YOUR CHILDHOOD WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE.Dangit, we only had really underloved dogs. You were raised right with goats on the table. High five to your mom!

  3. Nikki Cardigan replied:

    I laughed at the post. Sure, because of the obvious – there are goats on the table. But more at your reaction… no real surprise that there are goats on the table. Just that you’re not sure why..!!!!

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