Festive Holiday Attire

I hosted a party on Friday with guests wearing their best Festive Holiday Attire.  Some went the tacky route, as I did with my homemade Christmas tree off-the-shoulder shirt above complete with red beaded garland (it was tackier with the giant fake poinsettia flower brooch that kept falling off), while others were classy in a cocktail dress or button-down shirt.  One person came in costume as a member of the nativity scene, another wore red plaid pajamas, and there were a few Christmas sweaters.

We ate cookies and played holiday Pictionary, enjoying ourselves into the night.

December 13, 2009. Tags: , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Very fine example of tacky in a cool sort of way (I was picturing off one shoulder only). Need one of The Man standing for full enjoyment of his creativity.

  2. AuntpittyPat replied:

    LOL I don’t see your shirt as tacky.. I find it very fun and festive. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments 😉

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