Classy black & white cloth napkins

I made a new set of 8 cloth napkins.  I told my gentleman suitor to choose four black and white fabrics and a solid color for the other side (the solid was limited to the less expensive, 100% cotton collection at Joann Fabrics).  I had originally been picturing a deep red and was surprised he chose a muted sea foam green.  I asked what he thought of the finished product and he said, “I won’t be embarrassed to use these at a dinner party with friends, unlike those other ones.”  He was talking about the floral napkins I made last summer.  These new ones are much classier.

January 16, 2010. Tags: , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Su replied:

    I love them…. hmmm, do I need new napkins? 🙂

  2. Mom replied:

    WOW. so you must have used your suitorly Christmas coupon to walk thru JoAnn Fabric, to gain such sage advice. He has fabulous taste! and the florals are pretty great too tho, a sort of celebration of good life and beauty to use them. Love the photo, with table, settings and all.

  3. Jewelry display frame « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] covered the mat with a layer of batting and simple sea foam green fabric (the same as the back of napkins I made a couple weeks ago) using the same technique as my quickie swap party jewelry […]

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