Swap party success!

We had seven women at the swap party on Friday and it was a success.  Everybody went home with at least a few items, and three people left with a stuffed garbage bag of new clothes.  They made out like bandits.  My best items are a jacket and some jeans.  The consensus is that I wear my jeans too loose in general and too baggy in the butt specifically.  I can’t find the new jeans to take a picture — I think they’re in the bottom of the laundry pile — and I’m told they’re much more flattering.  They’re definitely tighter than my usual pairs, at any rate.

I turned a weird maroon crochet below-the-knee skirt with a fringed scalloped bottom hem into a nice skirt to wear to the office.  I hadn’t even tried it on during the party and tonight when I picked it up to put in the Goodwill pile I felt that I should give it a try.  I chose to listen to my intuition, if you want to call it that, rather than the rational thought that I was considering keeping a weird maroon crochet below-the-knee skirt with a fringed scalloped bottom hem.  (Thanks, Jonah Lehrer interview on NPR last Friday!)  I didn’t take a Before picture, unfortunately, to show what it looked like before I cut off six inches plus the fringe.  I also snipped into the too-tight elastic waist to make it a little more comfortable.  The crochet overlay and black lining don’t appear in danger of fraying, so I might not even have to deal with hemming.

I took a black Asian-style  dress with the tags still on that looked pretty terrible on all of us in unique and special ways.  I plan to cut it apart to make a top for one of my friends who looked great in it on the upper half, and then use the extra material to make a purse or clutch.

Here’s some of the aftermath of the swap party, which I finally got around to cleaning up a little today.

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  1. Mom replied:

    Sounds like a productive and interactive event. The skirt is actually crocheted (as in not knitted?)
    I like the suit coat with skirt tho, looks professional.

  2. amy lee replied:

    love the jacket – almost as much as i love the idea of this swap! ive already begun initial planning of a similiar event!

  3. Sue replied:

    I love the creativity of your swap party. With some imagination and perhaps bravery, you have taken recycling of clothing to stylish new heights!

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