Sewing room curtains!

I made some curtains for my sewing room using a twin-size flat sheet that was on sale for $3.50 at Ikea.  I am generously calling this a refashion because hey, these sheets are up in my window instead of on my bed so it sure sounds like I did some refashioning from their original purpose, doesn’t it?  I didn’t even have to hem anything, I used the side and bottom hems from the original sheet.

My sewing room used to have blinds.  It stopped having blinds the day I pulled on the string to open or close them and the whole thing came crashing down on me.  That was awhile ago, last spring I think, and since then I’ve simply let anybody who goes down the street at night look into my window and see whatever I’m doing in there.  They can see in during the day too just without as much visibility.  I tried to keep the sewing room door closed so that passerby wouldn’t get an eyeful of anybody walking through the hallway, coming out of the bathroom right there after a shower, for example.

After I had already put up the curtains I realized that the bottom was creased in a few places and they weren’t hanging right.  I didn’t want to deal with taking them down, yet again, so I taped some quarters to the bottom on the backside to weigh it down.  Working beautifully so far.

The second picture shows that I took the doors off the closet on Sunday, see the empty hinges on the left side of the closet?  They were just getting in the way because I never had them closed, and after the 28 Day Organizing Challenge is done at the end of February the closet will be organized and beautiful and won’t need any doors to hide behind anyway.

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  1. Mom replied:

    that’s a fun color. Time to get to Ikea.
    if you hung them 12″ or more lower, would the dab of natural sunlight be helpful, and still private?

  2. Betsy replied:

    Excellent job! Looking forward to seeing the results of your reorganization.

  3. Made To Measure Blinds replied:

    I really like the green color for your curtains.

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