New swap apron!

I received a delightful apron from Ruth in the latest Hot Mamas apron swap.  I wore the apron that very same day — within an hour of opening my package, actually — while making cupcakes and I didn’t want to post about it until it was out of the laundry pile and ready for a picture.  It’s a perfect apron for me: vibrant colors with a precise ruffle at the bottom and simple as I like it (not a lot of unnecessary frippery mucking things up with cutesy-ness) and I know I’ll use it frequently in the kitchen.  I love the red fabric.  As a certain man said, “It looks like an apron a dinosaur might wear,” meaning the pebbled pattern could be the skin of a dinosaur.  It even looks good with my workout clothes, short socks and all.

In addition to the apron she gave me a set of salt & pepper shakers, a votive candle, and a bag of Lindor truffles.  I set them on an open shelf in the kitchen and I looked forward to enjoying the chocolates as a fancy treat when I wanted an indulgence.  Several days later I picked up the bag to find it already open and half empty.  I walked into the office and asked, “Did you open my bag of chocolates from the swap?”

He looked around at the empty wrappers strewn across his desk.  “…Yes. I thought you didn’t want them because you hadn’t opened them yet.”

“I do want some, so don’t eat them all, ok?”  I said.

“Ok,” he agreed, before excitement got the better of him and he continued, ” The yellow ones are white chocolate and the red wrappers are milk chocolate and the blue ones are a darker milk chocolate and they’re all truffles, all of them, within creamy chocolate filling inside!”

Yes, they were all truffles.  I liked the white chocolate ones the best.  Thank you Ruth, from both of us!

February 3, 2010. Tags: . Links, Pictures, Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    sweet and simple- I like how Ruth found an almost not matching ruffle material, and then the occasional red heart showed up there. Lindor truffles, hmmmmm yum, sound delicious. I like how you are honing/keeping up on
    your writing skills. I still think there is a to-be-written book of human commentary/observances theme in you somewhere

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