Red apron for swap

My partner for the Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap requested “RED<RED<RED<” and chose the Wild and Crazy theme.  We were supposed to use only things we already had, thus the Cheap part of the title, and red is not one of my main stash colors.  I could do anything with a blue or green request, and I was struggling with finding enough red for her.  I pulled out my few pieces of reddish fabric and let them sit for a few weeks.  Several days before the deadline I remembered a new full apron I won in a contest last fall and I decided to refashion it.

The pictures make the apron look more orange than it really is.  The ruffle is a shimmery sheer orange and the rest is red.  I covered one of the existing pockets with a darker red print and did two bands of tomato across the top and bottom.  I used the original apron’s narrow ties.  It’s the first apron I’ve made for a swap that’s not lined or reversible.  When taking a picture I was asked, “What theme did she want,’gaudy’?”  I said she requested “wild and crazy”.  “Ah, that works too,” he said.

February 7, 2010. Tags: , , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    impressively wild, gaudy, red red red, crazy and recycled!

  2. val replied:

    how CUTE!!!!!

  3. amylee replied:

    love it! just got my copy of One Yard Wonders and am inspired to make the “Craft/Garden Apron” or the “Kitschy Kitchen Apron”

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