Picture frames to little message boards

Over the weekend I helped a friend clean her desk.  I sat on her bed and said “Toss it…  Throw it out…  Give it away…  Put it in the cabinet in the bathroom–no, don’t just put it in another pile to deal with later, that’s what we’re doing now, don’t just make another pile in a different spot on the desk…  Toss it…  Keep that, so file it in its forever spot…  If you had to think about it that long then you don’t need it and were just trying to come up with a justification for it…  Toss it… ”  Sometimes I just pointed at the garbage.  It took an hour; at the end her desk was clean  and she appreciated my help.  (Really, she did.)

I took home a bag of items, including two frames that used to hold cheesy watercolor pictures.  I turned them into a matching set of mini bulletin boards, just like my jewelry frame except this time I added corrugated cardboard to be able to use pushpins.  I’m not sold on the color of the frames, which is more of a blueish gray in real life, and I might end up painting them the same dark gray as the jewelry frame and dining chairs because man do I like painting stuff that color.  (More coming…)  I don’t currently have a use for these new mini bulletin boards, which means they’re sitting on my kitchen counter looking pretty behind some apples as I turn my friend’s clutter into my own.  I’ll think of something, though, something real useful like holding keys by the door or handy phone numbers inside a cupboard door, and then we’ll see who “wasted” 30 minutes making more of those “weird fabric frame things”.  (I’m not quoting anybody in particular there, it just seems like a thing that could be said.)

February 18, 2010. Tags: , . Pictures, Projects, Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    I especially like **no, don’t just put it in another pile to deal with later, that’s what we’re doing now** I must forward this to someone in my life

    and the all American concept “as her clutter became my own” haha

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