New thread holder

I bought myself a thread holder at Joann a couple weeks ago.  I decided it was time: my spools  had outgrown the two plastic sandwich containers I’d been using, and I really like lining things up in order.  Organizers were on sale for half off, so I bought the larger one to give me room to grow.  Right now it stands on the corner of my sewing table, although at some point it will move up to the wall to clear surface space.

Having all the spools lined up makes it easy to see what to buy next time.  I need light blue, which I’ve forgotten to buy twice now because I didn’t write it down, and I just finished a spool of gray.

February 20, 2010. Tags: , . Pictures, Words.


  1. Lisa replied:

    I have the same one (June Tailor) except mine’s larger to hold quilting cones. I actually have three! They’re great, aren’t they?

  2. Tracy Tbo replied:

    I saw that at Joann’s and i just loved it!!!!!!! I have numerous spools all over the place in various storage containers and to have them all together is just wonderful 🙂 im able to have 60 in ONE place

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