Refashion: Asian dress to top


At the swap party in January there was an Asian-style black dress that looked terrible on everybody present, all in unique and cringe-worthy ways.  The owner of the dress had purchased it at a consignment shop and hadn’t even taken the tags off because she realized she just didn’t have the right shape to wear it.  Because nobody has the right shape to wear it.   When the dress went unclaimed at the swap, I decided to take it to see if we could find redemption together.  And yes!  I turned it into a top for a friend.


I had her try on the dress last week and I pinned it in various places, just like a real tailor.  Several days later when I sat down to make it, I couldn’t remember what the pins meant.  Were they for the bottom hem?  The top of side slits?  Marking nothing and just holding it up to be shorter?  Why had Past Self been so cryptic?  I decided to wing it and see what happened.  After cutting a foot off the bottom I realized I had planned on making a tunic-length top.  Oops.  No harm done, she likes it and I like it and I even  have enough material left for something else I have in mind.

March 2, 2010. Tags: , , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    And ye shall be reborn. Looks great- very innovative

  2. mamaTAVE replied:

    I have a dress like this that I actually wore pre-baby. Now, it will not get over my hips… Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Lisa replied:

    I was wondering what you’d end up doing with the dress. I like it much better as a top anyway!

  4. Su replied:

    It’s gorgeous as a top. I’m sure the dress would have looked very “Chinese Restaurant Waitress” – like. Which would have been bad, unless you really were a Chinese Restaurant Waitress.

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