Ice skating is hard

We went ice skating for my friend’s 29th birthday yesterday.  We all wore party hats.  The last time I went ice skating was in the mid-’90s, on an outdoor field flooded with a hose in Minneosta.  The freshly Zambonied ice was a lot more slippery than the outdoor ridged surface.  Or maybe we just lose our natural ice skating abilities as we approach 30?  I fell only once, when I was simply standing by the boards talking.  It took me a moment to get back up, and my friends “helped” by taking pictures.  We also staged some fancy figure skating shots with off-camera assistance.

I like my new green puffer vest, and this was a perfect place to wear it.  $3.50 at Goodwill, 50% Off Saturday.  Come to think of it, I bought the jeans at Goodwill maybe two years ago too.  Purple cardigan is Target, ice skates were uncomfortable rentals, and party hat is from the dollar store.  The orange sticker was our ticket to use the ice.

March 6, 2010. Tags: . Pictures, Words.

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