Minor refashioning

I decided to go through my closet again, this time with a strong will.  I realized I needed to do this when I wore a little brown jacket that I used to wear a lot and enjoyed, and this time I found myself pulling at it all day and just didn’t feel good in it anymore.  I’m not sure what changed — did I change shape?  Are my tastes different now?  Was it always bad and I didn’t know?  When it comes out of the laundry, it’s going in the giveaway pile.

The first blouse I planned to get rid of is a paisley tie-neck blouse with little ruffles on the front.  I’ve worn it a few times and while I like it in theory, the long curved hemline has always bothered me, and I didn’t enjoy tucking it in.  I do like the rest of it though, so I decided to cut off the bottom and re-hem it.  It took two tries and it’s not as crisp as I like, so after a test drive or two at work it might still go in the giveaway pile.  I might also cut off the long ties.

Before                                                                      After

I shortened the sleeves on a gray cardigan made of a thick t-shirt-type material.  I liked it with the original 3/4 sleeves and almost didn’t cut them, then I decided that I already own 7 cardigans with longish sleeves and I should add something different.  There are a surprising number of buttons on this one.  The designer must have really been concerned about it coming undone at inopportune moments.

Before                                                                       After

The last one didn’t even involve sewing, I just sliced up the front of a boatneck tshirt to make it a casual button-less cardigan.   Last night I went out with a large group of friends to celebrate another birthday and I did the same thing with a different black shirt from Goodwill that I never wear.  I explained that I wanted to bring something for warmth if we sat outside and also would be ok if it didn’t make it home with me.  “Are you planning on taking off your clothes tonight and forgetting them somewhere?” I was asked.  No, I just didn’t want to have to panic if I set it down and forgot it.  Good thing, too, because I hung it over my little purse when I took it off inside and the cardigan slipped without me noticing, and when I realized that it fell it had already spent some time on the crowded bar floor being walked on so I let it go for lost.

Before                                                                                       After

Looks like I should add a nail in my lovely sewing room to hang clothes for pictures, instead of using the closet door hinge.  I have a blank spot on the wall that would provide a nice clean background.  Still don’t have nails yet though…

Update: The paisley shirt doesn’t make the cut.  I wore it to work and I still don’t like the hemline, it’s too short and just not awesome like the rest of it, unfortunately.

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  1. Mom replied:

    Sounds like you’re keeping at it refashioning and evaluating for round 2 (3-4) of your wardrobe.
    Wonder if the Universe heard “forget the black sweater” poor lil sweater.
    You’d be proud, you inspired me and I gave away about 15-20 mostly sweaters and blouses, many in good shape, but I simply didn’t enjoy them. Keep it up.

  2. Sue replied:

    I’ve evened out the hemlines of several blouses like you did for the paisley blouse, getting lots more wear out of them. Remaining blouses that are too long just get tucked in with a sweater or jacket over them. Same result, except I don’t want to remove the outerwear then.

  3. julie k replied:

    You’re so productive! I need to get cracking on my spring refashions. The weather is finally starting to warm up here in The Heartland.

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