Gray & blue baby quilt

Months ago I started a quilt for my cousin, whose baby was due in February, with extra blue and gray strips that I didn’t end up using for another baby quilt.  I had the top pieced, sandwiched, and quilted by the end of January.  All it needed was a binding — the first time I was going to actually do a binding — and then it was February and I was working on the Organizing Junkie’s Challenge, and I realized that sewing and committing to the challenge at odds with one another.  Baby Caiden was born on February 11, at which point the need for speed had passed and the quilt continued to sit for weeks.  I added the binding a couple weeks ago and because I haven’t mailed it yet it’s making the move with me this weekend, and then, yes and then I will finally mail it, 2 1/2 months after the baby’s birth.

I move into my new apartment on Saturday.  I wonder what I’ll use to hold up my quilts for pictures, this cement wall in my back yard has done a fine job for me.  I’ll keep doing these quick and easy stripey quilts for awhile, I like them.

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Rainbow bag and dinosaurs

Over a month ago I received a package from Domestic Days as part of her Pay It Forward plan.  It was a welcome surprise in my mailbox during a rough week.  I had completely forgotten that I had sent her an email with miscellaneous bits about things I like, so when I opened it I was saying, “Ooh, rainbowy, and it’s a great size to use as a lunch bag!  And dinosaurs, that’s cool, how lucky that I really like dinosaurs!  How weird and lucky that I especially enjoy these specific items, what fun!”

She recently had a baby, so go check out her blog to see pictures of her lovely family.

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Blue & Green Stripe Quilt Pictures

I delivered the quilt to its owner on Friday, then used it myself while watching “(500) Days of Summer”.  He posted the couch picture to Facebook and it does look nice with the greens in his living room.

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for awhile, and it’s because I’ve been doing some stuff and whatnot.  I’ll  pick things back up heading into next month.  I’ll have a variety of things to post about as I furnish and decorate my new apartment (note “my”, not “our”), which I’ll be moving into hopefully May 1.  So, yeah, some changes around here.  A temporary blog hiatus, and then I’ll be back.

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