What I Wore to Work Today: May 18 and 20

I was born to be a model.  Check out these poses!  Wow!!  I especially like the one against the tree, I call it “It’s the ’90s and I’m taking my senior pictures in the same poses as the 40 other people in my class using the same photographer, it’s a small town and there are like two photographers to choose from.”

The skirt, tank top, and belt are from Target.  The gray cardigan is a minor refashion from Goodwill.  Shoes are probably from Payless.

The black pants are from some store in a mall a few years ago, and the top is from Ross.

May 20, 2010. Tags: , . Pictures, What I Wore to Work Today, Words.


  1. Alex Craig replied:

    You need to train in your photographer. Chopping off your head!! Seriously, your comments remind me of “The Insider” and the part at the end where Lara tells the audience where her outfit came from and how they can do it for a lot less. You have excellent taste (and, like Lara, the bod that clothes well) Sandy

  2. Mom replied:

    lookin’ good. how often til you repeat your wardrobe? I’m thinking 365 days haha. like your hair both short and long too. very nice

  3. amylee replied:

    so which outfit did you ACTUALLY wear to work today – or did you switch halfway? i love the length your hair is in the senior picture. you look great!

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