Refashion: purple skirt to apron

In the last week before moving to my new apartment I was feeling on edge.  I realized that part of it was because I hadn’t done any sewing for awhile and I really wanted to be able to see a completed project, something creative and new and not just another taped up box to cross of the list of my old life.  Even though I had plenty of practical moving-related tasks I could have been doing instead, I pulled out a skirt from my refashioning pile and turned it into an apron.  I used lavender fabric for one side of the ties and black fabric for the other side and the waistband.  It was simple, easy, quick, and satisfying.  I boxed up my sewing supplies that night.

June 2, 2010. Tags: , . Pictures, Projects, Words.

One Comment

  1. amylee replied:

    when stressed – what to do…sew! i finished more projects during finals weeks of college than any other week. haha! the skirt –> apron is adorable, love the transition. hope you’re feeling better as a result!

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