What I Wore to Work Today: Wed, July 7

Top and shoes: Ross
Pants: some mall store
Belt: Target
Glasses: Lenscrafters

Look, Mom, I do repeat outfits.

I choose my work clothes based on many factors: what’s clean, what I wore recently, how long it’s been since I shaved my legs, how much it feels like I’ll want to sit cross-legged (aka Indian style) at my desk,…  That last one is something that one of my brothers does, too, folding up his legs as he works at the computer — and he’s six feet tall, so it’s not just my petite frame that leads to the comfortable cross-legged posture, it’s a genetic quirk of our hip joints or something.  Last night I decided on a skirt with a new Goodwill shirt, and then this morning not only did I hit snooze too many times to iron the top but I also knew I’d have a hard time keeping my feet on the floor all day.  Until I have a private office with a desk that has a wooden front, obscuring view of under my desk, I’m going to have to limit the cross-leggedness to days when I’m wearing pants.

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One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    take back teasing me about some bellbottoms a long time ago?! I have kept my knees bent with my feet propped on the seat in front of me a lot, including at the table (when my mother would let me) but even in Kgtn. I disliked crossing my legs, and still can’t really. Hmmm, ask your Dad, maybe you get it from him?

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