WIWTWT: Aug 23, New Dog Edition

Cardigan: Target, purchased this weekend
Skirt: Goodwill
Tank top: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless
Dog: Foster care with my mother

After almost a year since Kalayna died, I now have another dog.  She has spent the last 9 months as a foster dog with my mom, who just flew down to deliver her.  She’s probably around 3 years ago, 8 -9  pounds, and silly.  She finds a lot of things scary, which will hopefully improve as she gets used to her new home and living with us.  Her name with my mom has been Shaliah (aka Sh’Liiaa as I’ve been joking with a friend), and might or might not change.  I used to say that I would name my next dog Riker, and I dunno, that doesn’t seem quite right for this one.  I also thought I’d get a fresh puppy, and here is this adult dog with an unideal past.

Roxie, the downstairs neighbor Great Dane, is very interested.

My hair was curlier today than usual, even though I did my regular routine: wash it at night, sleep on it wet, get it kinda wet again in the morning, and brush.

I think I’m going to shorten the skirt by an inch or two.

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  1. Mom replied:

    Hey, lady, that’s a cute dog you got there. Her exact March weight is in her health file I left with you. How is it going tonight?

  2. Sarah replied:

    I love how delighted you look in the first picture. Well, the side of your head looks pretty delighted anyway. Does this one nervously lick your sheets or was that totally unique tiny dog coping mechanism for Kalayna?

  3. What I Wore To Work: Casual plaid Friday « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] first week so far).  Now that there’s nobody I want to rush home to and my mom took back the little dog who was not adjusting to suddenly being alone all day, I welcome long stretches out of the […]

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