WIWTWT: Thur, Sept 9

What I Wore To Work Today
Goodwill, refashioned into short sleeves
Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt, belt, and plaid wedges: Target

So this is my last WIWTWT before I was left with an empty apartment, a note, and a broken heart.  (Cue mournful saxophone solo.)  Maybe I’ll try some self-taken pictures on my balcony.  Katikando has been documenting her Self-Stitched September in outdoor patio shots and her photos do the trick quite nicely.

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What I Wore to Work Today: Aug 27

Cardigan, t-shirt, belt: Target
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Ross

I unexpectedly lost my fashion photographer on Friday (I found a cleared-out apartment and a note when I got home from work:  “…I’ll be in the middle of California when you read this…”).  I have a few days of backlog to post, and then either the What I Wore to Work Today series will be on hiatus, I’ll figure out if my camera has a self-timer function, or I’ll enlist others for the occasional update.

This weekend?  Not a winner.

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Purple & Yellow Baby Quilt

This is a baby quilt I finished just in time for a colleague’s baby shower.  Half of the pictures are taken at night indoors and the others are in the morning sunlight before I left for work.  I quilted double lines on either side of each seam and bound it with a yellow-on-yellow stripe.  I forgot to measure it, although it’s probably about 36″ x 55″.

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WIWTWT: Aug 26, Eulogy for a blouse

Blouse & tank top: Old Navy
Skirt & belt: Target
Shoes: Shoe Pavilion

I’m downsizing my closet and seeing these pictures has solidified that it’s time for this blouse to go.  I’ve enjoyed wearing it over the years and I still like it, even though it doesn’t do me any favors really, I just don’t love it anymore or feel great in it.  Time to move on.

I remember when I saw it on the Old Navy clearance rack maybe four years ago.  I kept going back to it, even though I couldn’t see myself wearing a sheer secretary blouse at the time.  Or any blouse, really, a blouse was something my mother would mention occasionally when I was growing up and was irretrievably dated, like rouge or nylons.

My shopping partner told me to buy it, that I clearly wanted it and would find ways to wear it, and if I didn’t it was on clearance for something like $6 anyway.  He was right, of course.

You have served me well, sheer secretary blouse.  I wish you only the best.

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4 years & 500 posts! Giveaway

Well what do you know, this blog is turning four years old and just passed 500 posts.  I’ve noticed other blogs have giveaways to celebrate anniversaries and milestone posts, so let’s have it.  There are two prizes which might or might not appeal to you.  And of course everybody likes receiving mail!

1.  A 1 pound bag of Starbursts, Skittles, or M&Ms, your choice.

2.  A gallon ziptop bag stuffed full of fabric scraps.

To enter: Leave a comment with your prize preference — leave two comments if you want both, one for each prize.  I’ll have two separate drawings and it’s theoretically possible you could win fabric scraps and candy.  I’ll draw the winners after I return from camping this weekend.

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What I Wore to Work Today: Aug 25

Cardigan, skirt, and shoes: Target
Tank top: Old Navy

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