Halloween costume: Black Widow

I was a black widow for Halloween in a costume I made without spending any money at all.  The extra legs/arms are cut from my old college graduation gown (why did have I still have it lying around?) and stuffed with bits of leftover quilt batting, and I added the hourglass to an old tank top.  The skirt is from last year’s dark angel costume, which had been shortened and made smaller from a large Goodwill skirt.  A friend lent me the gloves that just happened to have the red triangles.

When I walked out to the car my friend said, “I knew you were going as a spider, but I didn’t know it was a sexy spider!”  Come now, is there any other kind of Black Widow?

Somebody was Indiana Jones and I tried the whip.  My spider legs were connected to my wrists by thread, and you can kind of see how when I raised my arms the extra arms came up too.

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What I Wore to Work, and Later, a Date!

What I Wore to Work Today, and Later a Date:
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Top: Goodwill
Skirt: Target
Wedges: Payless
Necklace: my grandmother’s

After work on Tuesday I had dinner with a fellow I met at a bar last weekend.  We did some bad-slash-awesome karaoke rapping together and I didn’t see the harm in exchanging numbers, the first time I’ve done that with somebody at a bar actually.  At first he gave me his number; he seemed disappointed when I said the odds of me calling him were at 25%, so I gave him mine and said, “Look, don’t even put this in your phone if you’ll be crushed if I don’t answer or return your voicemail, this guarantees nothing.”  He sent a text on Monday ’cause that’s what the peeps do, and we agreed to meet for dinner.  Is it still called a date if you go into it with the intention of absolutely no good-night kiss?  He did pay for dinner and walked with me to my car, so I’m going to call it a date.

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Halloween/Birthday apron for me!

I came home from a tedious day at work Monday to find a package crammed into my mailbox.  When I was finally able to pull it out, ripping the envelope only a little, I saw that it was from my friend Amy Lee back in Minnesota.  I didn’t tear into it right away, savoring the possibilities throughout the evening, hoarding the joy of opening it.  She made me an apron for my birthday next week!  November 2, a Tuesday this year, feel free to make yourself a note.

The apron is a fun mix of prints with giant pockets and Halloween colors, and it fits me perfectly.  I wore it tonight when carving pumpkins with a few friends (pictures of our creations to come in a future post).  It’s a delightful apron.  Thank you Amy Lee!!

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WIWTWT Oct 25: New lace skirt

What I Wore to Work Today:
Cardigan, lace skirt: Target
Tank top: Old Navy
Shoes: Shoe Pavilion
Earrings: Claire’s

I bought this olive green lace skirt at Target 5 minutes before closing on Sunday.  I meant to try it on and then was surprised to hear the message that the store was closing in 15 minutes and I hadn’t started on my list (contact solution, toilet bowl cleaner, and the like) so threw it in my cart and figured for $4.24 it would probably work out enough to make it worthwhile.  The first photo makes it look kinda sheer because of the shadow, but the other pictures show that it’s decent.

The last few days of pictures have been taken in the morning before work with much of the balcony in shadow.  Before long it will be dark when I leave for work and dark again when I get home.  It’s not even November yet!  I don’t remember being this panicky about losing the sun last winter, I’m a little nervous about it.

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What I Wore to Work: Casual Friday, Oct 22

What I Wore to Work Today:
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Ross
Tank top: Old Navy
Sneakers: Payless
Turquoise necklace: my grandmother’s

In addition to being casual Friday, the best of all workdays, October 22 was my oldest brother’s birthday.  He turned 32and is off to a new naval base in Hawaii next week.  He’s ascending through the ranks at an astonishing pace; if I’ve learned anything about military hierarchy from Battlestar Galactica, and I think I have, before long he’ll be admiral of an entire fleet (2+=fleet) of starships, engaging in an increasingly complicated war with cylons.


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What I Wore to Work Today: Oct 20

What I Wore to Work Today:
T-shirt & plaid wedges: Target
Trousers: Old Navy
Thin bracelet: Hair bands from Target that I put on my wrist to remember to put them in my gym bag on the way out.  (Morning pictures before going into work early for the quarterly meeting.)

I figured out how to take more than one self-timer photo at a time. Here’s a series of me inching closer to the camera the first time when I didn’t go a good job of counting the pictures, thinking it was done when really there was one more… and another…



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WIWTWT Oct 19: Fall colors

What I Wore to Work Today:
Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt, belt, shoes: Target

The high tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s!  Fall weather is upon us!  Never mind that it goes back to the upper 80s a few days latter, I’m leaving my window open tonight.  I didn’t even realize that my brown and red ensemble has an autumn feel to it until I saw the photos.  I don’t know how I’d dress now in a place with colder temperatures and changing leaves and all that; quite a few style bloggers express interest in making their choices “seasonally appropriate”.  The last time I experienced a true fall season was 7 years ago at college in Vermont.  I wore whatever was clean and I felt comfortable in, and sometimes only the latter.

I was wearing glasses most of the day and swapped to contacts an hour before leaving the office in preparation for my run after work.  (2.1 miles straight in 25 minutes without walking.  Half-marathon in January, here I come!)  Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear both contacts and make-up, wouldn’t that be a day worth noting!

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WIWTWT: Mon, Oct 18

What I Wore to Work Today:
Top: Ross
Skirt: Goodwill, hemmed 2 inches shorter
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Xi, came with a shirt
Shoes: Shoe Pavilion

I’ve decided to buy new black shoes for work.  While these are still functional, I’ve had them several years and they’re getting worn.  Touching them up with a permanent marker can only do so much for so long.  Yes, I’m classy like that.  I also sometimes use a stapler to temporarily raise a trouser hem.

I’ll start at Target and move on to Payless if necessary.  I don’t wear leather and these two stores have a reliable selection of all synthetic materials, what with being less expensive and all.  I’ve had my eye on these for awhile, although I prefer them in pewter and what I need is black.  I also like this pair, although again it’s the metallic version that calls to me when I walk down the shoe aisle.  Plus maybe I should choose something a bit less flirtatious (i.e. no ruffles), since they’ll become my go-to black office heel.

I’ve wanted a simple black work skirt for awhile and found this nice Banana Republic skirt at the last Goodwill Saturday sale.  I hemmed it while watching one of my first episodes of “Hoarders”, then immediately went home and threw out all the old food in my fridge.  Those eggs expired only two days ago, they’re still good, totally fine to eat and oh god what if I’m becoming like that woman with the unbelievable kitchen, I’ll toss these and buy new ones just let me stay healthy and never have to fight that kind of mental illness.

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Tetris Quilt 3.0

This might more be more accurately named Tetris Quilt 2.1 instead of 3.0 because it’s the same design as last year’s quilt, which earned $120 at the online charity auction at work.  The winning bid on this one was $175, by the woman who sits in the cubicle next to me even though it’s an enterprise-wide auction at a corporation with over 200,000 employees.  (Ok, so maybe 7 people were involved in bidding, so it’s not that crazy.)  My original Tetris Quilt was the first quilt I ever made, and it remains with my then-boyfriend since it was basically a gift for him, and he designed both versions.


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What I Wore to Work Today: Hands of a Giant

What I Wore to Work Today:
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Ross
Sneakers: Payless
Earrings: Claire’s

Something about this picture makes my hands look especially massive, or perhaps simply reveals their true nature.  I have surprisingly large hands for someone my size, with long fingers and big knuckles.  My thumbs are little, though, smaller around than every finger except my pinkies.  Sometimes I like to close my fists and say, “My, what delicate ladylike thumbs you have, so pretty and gentle…” and then I unfurl my hand and continue “…and my god those are huge, how are they a package of the dainty elfin thumbs, totally unexpected!”  Usually I have an audience for this performance.  Usually.

At a party this past summer somebody stopped mid-drink and said “My god you have really big hands!  Wow!  Hey everybody, look how long her fingers are, it’s freakish, like ET!”  I didn’t mind.  I like my hands, knobby knuckles and all, even though wearing an engagement or wedding ring could be an issue because it will have to be big enough to fit over my knuckle and then will slop around on my skinnier finger part.  I wonder if they make adjustable platinum bands, like the kind you get out of a machine for a quarter, except much more expensive…  I suppose that’s not exactly a problem I need to resolve any time soon; September 2011 can go back to being a nondescript month without any dreamy future unspoken plans and ideas associated with it.

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