Day brightener from the Sewing Dork

A couple weeks ago I mentioned in a comment on The Sewing Dork’s blog that I hoped to win her giveaway because I needed a pick-me-up during what’s shaping up to be the worst period in a long time. (Note: My own giveaway prizes have been sitting on the counter since last month and any day now I’ll pull myself together and name some winners and mail out packages. It’s not dead, just taking its time.)  She contacted me directly to ask for my address, and look what just showed up!  She sent me a small package to brighten my day, from Canada no less, each part wrapped in copies of old patterns and tied with twine.  It was a sweet surprise and I maybe got choked up a little down by the mailboxes.  I might be a little teary while typing this too. So generous, so thoughtful.  Thank you.

It’s a vintage pattern, lacy seam binding, and “100% Handmade” gift tags.

October 4, 2010. Tags: . Links, Pictures, Words.

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  1. Mom replied:

    Human kindness, we should all practice it more. Fun.

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