Another way CrossFit makes my life better

“Oh boy, I bought some groceries and I’m having a friend over for dinner.  Just gotta get these bags balanced with my gym bag and my purse and the cake pan that held the cupcakes I brought to work.  Ok, there, one last bag and… wait, was that a ripping sound?  Drat, the handle tore a little.  Well, no biggie, I’ll just grab a handful of the paper in my hand.  Yep, good to go and up and away.. Oh man, now that was a handle on the other bag.  Ok, let’s see, I’ll switch the purse and gym bag to this side , tuck the cake pan under my arm, grasp that bag from the bottom, ok got it, and now to carefully hold on to a sturdy amount of paper on this one and ARE YOU FRICKIN’ SERIOUS??  The ENTIRE top of this bag has just ripped?’

At that point I set everything down, looked at the torn bags, and smiled happily to myself.  Luckily I was on my way home from CrossFit where we did the awesome workout Helen (3 rounds of: 400 m run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups) so I was feeling energized and restored and able to deal with this kind of frustration. I ended up taking two trips.


October 11, 2010. Tags: . Pictures, Words.

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