WIWTWT: Thur, Oct 14

What I Wore to Work Today:
Jacket: Goodwill
Skirt: Goodwill, refashioned into my size
Tank top: Old Navy many years ago
Shoes: Target

I recently found a roll of old black and white film and had it developed.  The pictures were from the summer after college and when I first moved here six years ago.  While for the most part they were disappointingly boring or bad, it was fun to see my boyfriend at the time with his long hair, the way he was when we first got together.

In one picture I’m standing in front of the house I lived in from ’86-’92, pointing at it in the background and smiling.  My best friend from home took a road trip with me to move down here and we swung through Franktown, CO to pass by my childhood home.  I thought two things seeing the picture:

  1. “Look how excited I am, I don’t yet know that we’ll only make it to Bernalillo, NM where we get into an accident that totals the car I’ve owned for a week — the other guy’s fault, he got a driving citation in addition to a trashed car which I freely admit pleases me — and end up sunburned to boot.”
  2. “Wow, so that tank top is more than 6 years old, huh, maybe it’s time to let it go…”

This tank top is the brown sister of the one I was wearing in the old photo.  It’s still holding up well for wearing underneath other pieces.

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One Comment

  1. Painting in MN replied:

    gheez you look cute in everything.
    put Rafter Rd photos into my email?
    yup, sometimes it’s better to not know what’s 2 miles down the road, but…mho it all (most?) gets celebrated, bad and good

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