What I Wore to Work Today: Hands of a Giant

What I Wore to Work Today:
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Ross
Sneakers: Payless
Earrings: Claire’s

Something about this picture makes my hands look especially massive, or perhaps simply reveals their true nature.  I have surprisingly large hands for someone my size, with long fingers and big knuckles.  My thumbs are little, though, smaller around than every finger except my pinkies.  Sometimes I like to close my fists and say, “My, what delicate ladylike thumbs you have, so pretty and gentle…” and then I unfurl my hand and continue “…and my god those are huge, how are they a package of the dainty elfin thumbs, totally unexpected!”  Usually I have an audience for this performance.  Usually.

At a party this past summer somebody stopped mid-drink and said “My god you have really big hands!  Wow!  Hey everybody, look how long her fingers are, it’s freakish, like ET!”  I didn’t mind.  I like my hands, knobby knuckles and all, even though wearing an engagement or wedding ring could be an issue because it will have to be big enough to fit over my knuckle and then will slop around on my skinnier finger part.  I wonder if they make adjustable platinum bands, like the kind you get out of a machine for a quarter, except much more expensive…  I suppose that’s not exactly a problem I need to resolve any time soon; September 2011 can go back to being a nondescript month without any dreamy future unspoken plans and ideas associated with it.

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  1. Homebound in MN replied:

    Your grandma and I just sort of get the correct size and wiggle it over the knuckles. works ok.

    cute outfit.
    tall plant says saucer please and then saturate me for 2-3 days at a time 🙂 (can’t help it, plants speak to me)

    love seeing the presses rolling, rolling, rollin’ down the rivah [pivot, dance leap]

  2. amy lee replied:

    i too have long fingers, with large knuckles…ring wise – they now have designs with a ‘flat’ base on the bottom or small ‘beads’ on the underside – keeps them from spinning! like this:




    works well for RIGHT hand rings too 🙂

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