Halloween/Birthday apron for me!

I came home from a tedious day at work Monday to find a package crammed into my mailbox.  When I was finally able to pull it out, ripping the envelope only a little, I saw that it was from my friend Amy Lee back in Minnesota.  I didn’t tear into it right away, savoring the possibilities throughout the evening, hoarding the joy of opening it.  She made me an apron for my birthday next week!  November 2, a Tuesday this year, feel free to make yourself a note.

The apron is a fun mix of prints with giant pockets and Halloween colors, and it fits me perfectly.  I wore it tonight when carving pumpkins with a few friends (pictures of our creations to come in a future post).  It’s a delightful apron.  Thank you Amy Lee!!

October 28, 2010. Tags: , . Pictures, Words.

One Comment

  1. Amy Lee replied:

    It looks GREAT on you – somehow the natural waist-line tie doesn’t work with the 7 month pregnant belly 🙂 I wanted to include candy in it, but I didn’t know if you got trick or treaters, and since it wasn’t in a box I didn’t know if you would end up with not so ‘fun-sized’ mashed snickers by the time you opened it.

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