Halloween costume: Black Widow

I was a black widow for Halloween in a costume I made without spending any money at all.  The extra legs/arms are cut from my old college graduation gown (why did have I still have it lying around?) and stuffed with bits of leftover quilt batting, and I added the hourglass to an old tank top.  The skirt is from last year’s dark angel costume, which had been shortened and made smaller from a large Goodwill skirt.  A friend lent me the gloves that just happened to have the red triangles.

When I walked out to the car my friend said, “I knew you were going as a spider, but I didn’t know it was a sexy spider!”  Come now, is there any other kind of Black Widow?

Somebody was Indiana Jones and I tried the whip.  My spider legs were connected to my wrists by thread, and you can kind of see how when I raised my arms the extra arms came up too.

October 31, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Fan in MN replied:

    That is a FABULOUS use of a graduation gown. Love the whole thing, very nice.

  2. Amy Lee replied:

    Way to use your resources!

  3. Sarah replied:

    That is R A D! Sexy, yet actually a costume.

  4. Angie replied:

    What an awesome idea! You looked super fierce!

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