Carving up some Halloween pumpkins

Last week a couple friends came over and we carved us some pumpkins.  I made two: a standard jack-o-lantern, and I used a power drill on the other to make randomly spaced holes of different sizes.  She made Pac-Man chasing a ghost around the pumpkin, and Brandon did the facebook guy silhouette (the default image if somebody doesn’t have a picture in their profile).

We all wore a different Halloween-appropriate apron, which pleased me no end.  I enjoy my collection of aprons.  As we were getting started, Brandon asked, “Wait, so what do I do first here?” so we explained about cutting open the lid, leaving a notch to make it easy to replace correctly.  “Oh yeah!  This is the part my dad always did,” he said a bit wistfully, and we cracked up.  At 25, he’s becoming his own man.

We used my self-timer to take pictures of all three of us, six photos at two second intervals.  One of us shouted out the mood we were supposed to convey just before each shot.  Here’s the full series, in order.



“Thumbs up!  Funk it up!”


“We’re friends!”

“Oh god it’s not done, it’s 6 in a row and not 5!  We’re more friends!”

After exactly one week in the 80+ degree Southwest “fall” weather, they looked like this.  Gross.  I used doubled-up plastic bags to pick them up and tomorrow I’ll hose off the balcony where they left a gooey, moldy imprint, like some kind of reverse snow angel.

November 3, 2010. Tags: , , . Links, Pictures, Projects, Words.

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