It’s my birthday!

What I Wore to Work Today: Oct. 27 (I’m a little behind…)
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Goodwill
Tank top: I don’t remember which one I’m wearing here
Purple flower wedges: Payless

Happy birthday to me!  It’s 12:30 as I type this which means I now have a full year minus 30 minutes until my next birthday.  Today was nice.  I received a bunch of facebook messages, some from people I haven’t spoken to in quite a few years.  I got phone calls from both of my parents although I couldn’t really talk to either one because I was at work or out at dinner.  I’ve opened one package from my mom (sulfate-free shampoo and chocolate, thanks…?) and am saving the other one until right before I go to sleep any minute now.  A card and a present from my dad are in the mail, as is a package from one of my dear friends in the Midwest.  My coworkers decorated my desk, brought in a cake, and took me to lunch.  I received a few thoughtful touching emails, and went out to dinner with a group of people including my brother and a friend whose birthday is also November 2.  Overall, a pleasant birthday.

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