These boots were made for walking

What I Wore to Work Today: Fri, Nov 12
Jacket: Goodwill
Jeans: Goodwill
V-neck shirt: Target
Belt: Gift from Sarah
Boots: Target
Necklace: Claire’s

I bought these boots at Target 7 years ago and I can (or should) only wear them under pants now.  They’re falling apart, the heels are worn down to the hard plastic innards, pieces of the plastic-y coating are coming off in chunks too large for mere permanent marker to cover up.  I’ve been looking for another pair of knee-high, non-leather, stacked heel, non-pointy toe black boots for almost two years now and nothing has met my apparently high standards.  Now that it’s cold enough to wear boots occasionally I’d like another pair.

A couple weekends ago I wore them with a black tank top and black sequined skirt that I refashioned (I forgot to take pictures, I’ll recreate the outfit sometime for documentation), and it was fine because it was at a dimly-lit bar.  These boots were made for walking, and now they can longer do so in a professional office environment, or where there’s plenty of daylight for getting a good gander at them.

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