Sequin skirt

I’ve been wanting a short sequined skirt for over a year now, almost buying one from J.Crew for something like $85 last year.  I came across this black one at Goodwill at the end of the summer and recently refashioned it into my size.  It’s knit, so seamless except where I took it in down one side,  and covered with rows of sequin trim, and isn’t going to hold up indefinitely.  It stretched out during the first wash and needs to be taken in again.  I covered the inside seam with stiff ribbon I had lying around because the cut edge of the sequin bits were really pointy, and it ended up kinda bulky so I’ll use a lighter satin ribbon next time.  I got compliments on this outfit from multiple parties when I wore it to karaoke night.

I don’t have a before photo.  Picture a larger tube hanging down to my knees, barely holding onto my hips because it’s too big.

November 24, 2010. Tags: , , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.

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