Hanukkah gift quilt

This was the 4th year giving one of my friends 8 Hanukkah presents, one for each day.  Previously they’d been mostly gag gifts, like multiple Nick Lachey buttons and old Halloween candy, and this year they were all items of a more genuine nature.  The finale was a quilt to go with her newly upgraded room, in her colors of white, black, and yellow.  The first gift was a set of yellow curtains, which I wrapped up as a present even though I was with her when she bought the material at Ikea and I said I’d hem them for her.

December 15, 2010. Tags: , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Fan in MN replied:

    Quilt is very happy, kind of celebration for one’s mood. Beautiful

  2. Quilt for Baby Ayla « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] the shorter width seams.  This is another black + white + color quilt, like the one I made as a Hanukkah gift, which is a color scheme that will likely show up again […]

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