Quilt for Baby Ayla

My cousins’ baby girl was born last week and and this is the quilt I made for them.  (Note: I’m considering my cousin’s wife as a “cousin” thus the plural, they’re not cousins with each other.)  I took the design idea from Film in the Fridge and I really like it, especially because I used basic 6″ squares, the width of my cutting ruler.  I quilted diagonal lines through the squares plus stitch-in-the-ditch along the shorter width seams.  This is another black + white + color quilt, like the one I made as a Hanukkah gift, which is a color scheme that will likely show up again soon.

December 26, 2010. Links, Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Amy Lee replied:

    I love this!!! Awesome fabric choices and color layout its beautiful!!!

  2. Fan in MN replied:

    What Amy Lee said, and sooooo prettily arranged

    and funny cousin joke too.

  3. Sue Craig replied:

    Lucky Ayla!

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