$1 Thursday: Green patterned dress

Source: Thursday sale day Goodwill
Cost to me: $1
Time: 15 seconds to cut off vestigial belt loops

I wore this cowl-neck somewhat-ikatish green dress to a Mexican restaurant/dive bar for some terrible karaoke on Friday night. (I’ve done more karaoke nights in the past few months than I did in the previous 29 years.)  They didn’t include any of the vocal tracks with the music meaning the singers were truly on their own for finding a pitch — any pitch at all! — during their song performance.  Skill and talent meant little in this establishment, trumped by enthusiasm and a contagious joie de vivre.

January 9, 2011. Tags: , , . Links, Pictures, Words.

One Comment

  1. Fan in MN replied:

    OK truly, of you’re gonna wear a 70’s dress, you need it with a chain type belt, right the older faithful readers? My ears, my ears, glad I didn’t have to listen, enthusiastic or not (one church solo was bad enough today and I bet you may have heard her, can email the name privately) sounds fun tho, you’ve done well getting out

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