Finally fixed a button, 10 months later..

What I Wore to Work Today: Fri, Jan 14
Blouse: A mall store I don’t remember several years ago
Jeans: Ross
Sneakers: Payless

The buttons on this shirt are little clear plastic gems glued to a tiny metal ring.  First, they all popped off one by one when the thread broke so I sewed them back on securely.  (That’s what I get for paying $7 for a new blouse, eh?)  Then the gem parts started falling off so I fixed them with my glue gun.  When the latest gem came off I hung it in my sewing room closet and there it remained since, oh, let’s say last February.  I finally fixed it, substituting a small clear button at the bottom where the gem piece went missing.  It’s not noticeable at all and blends right in with the polka-dots, and now this ruffly blouse with its own belt is back in my wardrobe.

How many other things in my life could be fixed or changed or addressed with 10 minutes of attention, including the time to decide which (possibly metaphorical) button to select?  I feel like there’s a lesson in here somewhere…

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