A Sunday church-going outfit

What I Wore to Work Today: Mon, Jan 31
Cardigan: Target
Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: Charlotte Russe, made smaller by me
Shoes: Target

Ok, so I actually took this picture on Sunday and not Monday, after I got home from church and decided I was going to wear it again to work the next day too.

Yes, I said church.  I’ve been going to church since the beginning of Advent in December as part of Operation Avoid Crushing Depression.  Maybe the emptiness I was feeling was the absence of God, religion, faith, and/or spirituality?  While maybe it was and probably it wasn’t, I no longer feel on the precipice of a dark dark canyon.  So far I’ve been enjoying the routine of putting on nice clothes — sure, some people wear jeans and tshirts, and I prefer dressing up a little — and going to church on Sunday mornings, taking an hour for mindfulness in a community of people celebrating faith, thanksgiving, and good works.  Yep, mornings!  When I go to CrossFit on Saturday I’m up before 10 o’clock both days.  In the morning.  On purpose.

I like the latest church, a Lutheran congregation, best so far — mostly because it seems more liberal than the previous one, a different Lutheran church.  I’ve been choosing churches based on a 2 mile radius from my apartment that start no earlier than 10:00, preferably later, rather than any specific theology.  This one is at 10:45 and takes less than ten minutes door-to-pew.  I don’t consider myself Christian or take communion when it’s offered and I remain quiet during some of the Jesus-is-my-Savior affirmations, which are much fewer at this church than the last one.

So yeah, I run for fun, wake up several hours before noon on weekends, and I attend church almost every week.  I don’t recognize myself either.

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One Comment

  1. Fan in MN replied:

    You are SUCH a great writer. I’m glad you’re exploring options and solutions, and hope you continue your whole life. (For the record, I skip 80% of Jesus affirmations too- if they were God or Universe affirmations, that would be different). Ha, come to my church for great music by my band, and sermons guaranteed to be a history lesson with little local relevance (sad, sad, sad)…oh, but it’s at 8:45 except 9:30 in the summer. Cute outfit.

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