Day sequins

What I Wore to Work Today: Fri, April 1
Short-sleeve cardigan: Goodwill, $1 Thursday
Tank top: Goodwill, refashioned
Jeans: Ross
Sneakers: Payless

I’m calling this a tank top refashion although the only thing I did was shorten the straps so that the neckline didn’t hang down to the bottom of my sternum.

Hey, want to hear something trippy?  I’m typing this on Saturday, April 2 and it’s not getting posted until Thursday, April 7, when you very well might be reading it.  I’m writing to you from the past!  In fact, all the posts since the 2nd were typed out and prepared on Saturday afternoon and then scheduled to post one per day until I ran out of backlogged pictures!  It’s, like, a total time vortex, man!  What’s it like in the future??


April 7, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Pictures, Projects, What I Wore to Work Today, Words.

One Comment

  1. Fan in MN replied:

    Snazzy- love the look. Speaking from the future it is …..Looking good (if you ignore the political scene, haha) esp. with the promise of one a day RSN coming in

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