Tropical bird rainbow napkins

The Easter Bunny brought my mother a set of 8 homemade cloth napkins with a tropical pattern on one side of each and a bright pattern fabric on the other side.  I walked passed the primary material at Joann when I was there to buy fabric dye and I actually did a double take, back-tracking to pick up the bolt of fabric for further examination.

Why do I like this? I asked myself.  What would I do with this?  Why can’t I shake the feeling that my mom would like it?  What would she do with two yards of gaudy tropical birds?  After much puttering back and forth and even a phone call to find out if she would use a set of silly, bright cloth napkins (answer: no), I bought some of the fabric anyway.  Later she sent me an email saying that she would in fact use them if they were sturdy and large enough to be practical rather than decorative, which was good because I had already started assembling them.

I have spent a non-zero number of minutes folding and refolding the napkins and just admiring them in rainbow order on my coffee table.  As long as I can remember I’ve liked things ordered by color.  In elementary school my sock drawer was carefully organized in rainbow order.  (It was 1991, I had many slouchy socks of different colors.)  Any crayons, colored pencils, and markers I’ve owned throughout the years have been re-ordered in their boxes.  My closet is sorted by hue.  It’s so pleasing to the mind, just look!

April 24, 2011. Tags: , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.

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  1. Fan in MN replied:

    Yes, your instincts are right on, I LOVE these. No napkin rings needed to identify guests on repeat meals (aren’t you the hot pink napkin?)….and a perfect number too…”I’m sorry, you could come, but….you’ll have a paper napkin, perhaps another time” because it’s the perfect number also, and who would want to eat minus the wonderfully big, lined napkins with the wild design- they will wait for a date allowing them full napkin benefits and the words, “May I seat you at the red toucan napkin?” (reminding me of my pet toucan from around 1971 who perched cageless on my desk at school on perhaps 4 different teaching days). I plan to take them to work as a placemat sometimes too, to feel special. Thanks much 🙂

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