St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt refashion

I went to my first-ever baseball game last month at spring training with a bunch of Cubs fans.  I tried valiantly to find a Cubs shirt, flipping through every single t-shirt at two different Goodwill stores, and came up with nothing.  So I did the next best thing and got myself a St. Louis Cardinals shirt.  I thought it would be funny to wear the shirt of a hated rival, playing up the naive hockey fan angle: “They’re both baseball, right?  And in the same division so I’m kinda close?”

When I walked into the house two separate people greeted me individually with a stare at my shirt, followed by “What a [expletive]!  Get out!”  So I borrowed a permanent marker to cross off the name, which was deemed acceptable.  Because I’m such a Cubs fan that I’m not content cheering for my own team and instead I tear down the others?  I’m going to a regular season game this weekend while the Cubs are in town and I’ll be wearing a real shirt this time.

April 28, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.

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