Denim dress for the Rapture

I went to a Rapture party last night, where nobody ended up being raptured after all and instead it was just a moving dance party, changing locations twice.  It was a last minute friend-of-a-friend invite with five minutes to get ready and I said to myself, “If my newest late-’70s/early-’90s cowgirl dress isn’t the perfect outfit for being elevated bodily into heaven then I don’t deserve to go!”  (I don’t.)

Source: $1 Thursday at Goodwill
Time: 1 hour
Changes: Shortened hem, cut off sleeves, made it smaller pretty much everywhere, raised the elastic waistband.

May 22, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Pictures, Projects, Words.

One Comment

  1. Fan in MN replied:

    Wouldn’t it be fun if the former owner could see this dress now. This re-make sounds more time consuming than most, or….all?

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