Thermal curtains!



A year after living in this apartment I finally put up curtains in the dining room, restringing the vines as well.  Sun pours through the west window every afternoon in the summer, heating the room and adding to the electric bill and sweat quotient.  (On a related note, my new motto is “Shirts are for suckers”.)  I bought “thermal curtains”, which appear to be regular drapery lined with a thick plastic-y substance for blocking out light, sun, and heat.  And maybe cold, too, but that’s not much of an issue here.

They read as blue in the pictures and they’re actually a turquoise aqua color, much greener than showing here.  It took me an entire episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” to get these up.  Measuring might have been a good idea.  Instead I ended up with a constellation of holes near each bracket’s final location and a more-or-less straight curtain rod.

June 8, 2011. Tags: , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Fan in MN replied:

    Really restful to look at, and kind of mellows the wall out a bit too, pretty

  2. It’s a jungle in here « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] a picture from over a month ago that I took in the corner of my dining room. My mom mailed that plant to me almost 4 years ago, pot and and dirt and all, when it was just a […]

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