Now these are office trousers

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Blouse: Mall store I don’t remember several years ago
Trousers: Goodwill, tailored
Shoes: Target

I recently realized that my stable of work-appropriate pants had withered to two pairs.  One is wool and unbearably hot and sweaty during the summer of 1,000 degrees.  (I’m exaggerating.  The hottest it has been this summer is 118 degrees, not 1,000.)  The other pair is, um, well, kinda tight.

Goodwill had a pair of gray pinstriped trousers that seemed reasonable enough.  I hemmed the bottoms, narrowed the hips slightly, and sat cross-legged in my cubicle chair all day, relishing the modesty of pants.  Ah, pants, I remember when you’re all I’d wear to the office.

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