Mystery months

What I Wore to Work Today: July 28, 2011
Blouse: Ross
Skirt: Target
Belt: Gift from Sarah
Shoes: Target

As previously mentioned, I don’t remember much about July.  I know my brother invited me to join a hike on the 4th of July to watch various fireworks shows at once from a high point on the trail.  I know I did not end up going because… of something I don’t recall.  Was I feeling unwell?  Did I attend a barbecue or party?  Was I solemn and patriotic at home on the couch, contemplating the responsibility of freedom?  What about the rest of the month, where was I then??  Actually, June is pretty vague too.

In the first week of August I left for a vacation in San Diego.  At the end of May I attended a wedding & reception at a country club.  What happened between those two events?  Work, improv comedy workshop on Tuesday nights if it was in session, the occasional zumba class at the gym.  And other… stuff?  My excel class ended in May, hockey season was done by mid-June.

What did I do with my waking hours this summer???


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