What I Wore to Work Today: September 29, 2011
Cardigan: Target
Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Belt: Xi, came with a blouse
Shoes: Target

Several years ago I attended a three-day workshop on Lean, the process improvement approach sometimes known as Kaizen.  Eliminate waste, increase efficiency.  The instructor was wearing a lavender sweater set the first day with perfectly-draped trousers and I said, “My god!  I want to dress like that!”  I continued to dress like I always had — i.e. questionably — although perhaps the seeds of my cardigan love affair were planted that day.

Years into owning this tank top as well as this cardigan, I realized they’re close to the same color and I could wear them together to create my very own twinset look.  Who’s being inefficient now?

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One Comment

  1. amy lee replied:

    ahhhh, LEAN 🙂 wow, that reminds me of ‘come on irene’ and now i’m thinking about high school dances….

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