Wedding attire choices

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Dress & belt: Ross (came together)
Shoes: Target

I went shopping at Ross with a couple friends, including one who was looking for a bridesmaid dress for a wedding in a few weeks.  She’s one of the groom’s attendants and I’ve taken to calling her a groomslady.  They’ve been tasked to select their own attire for the 10 o’clock Sunday morning wedding,  and while the bride’s sister bought a lovely dove-gray knee-length dress from the weddings & parties section of JCrew, my friend was hoping to avoid spending $250 when something perfectly appropriate could be found for a tenth of that price.   The only requirement was that her dress be a light color.

We were indignant on her behalf.  “It’s great that they’re letting you choose your own attire, but don’t they realize it will be hard to find a pastel in October??”  She texted the bride for clarification on the expectations; the wife-to-be replied that anything pale is good to go.  Email documentation later revealed that my friend had been asked to be a groomslady months ago and had been sent a message with the attendants’ attire guidelines in July, when pale summery colors are plentiful.  Guess they did realize it after all…

I wasn’t planning on buying anything and I walked out with two dresses.  This one is sophisticated, sleek, has pockets, and is perfect for one of the November wedding events I’ll be attending, as a guest and not a bridesmaid or groomslady.



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